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Real Inspiration Ministries, mutli-culteral non-denominational fellowship with empowerment meetings, wellbeing ministry, militatry warfare school & Bible collage courses, opportunities for children & youths. Here to serve God and help the community. Come & fellowship with us. Teachings are from the word of God, not opinion. Loving kindness and brotherly love is paramount as is welcoming without judging.

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Women can get together for all sorts of fun activities, encouragements and there is a range of support for women




Guys need to get together & wind down, discuss, reason & feel supported. The bond of unity goes such a long way it is incredible.



The youth are our future generation and it is essential that they are groomed and supported. Youth's come & join us


Tott's Minisrty

Youth Group

Men's Minisrty Meetings

Women's Support Group



Young one's are also our future. Fun activities must be encorperated with support & learning


multi culteral singers family

Music Ministry ...

Day's Out For All

Bible Studies For All

Support & Understanding

Families Come On In

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Spirit led teachings from a Biblical Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic root being the original writings.

A family loving environment for all ages. The pastor promotes love and unity and there is support and listening without judgment.


The Church environment is modern and up-beat, the pastor is very down to earth and the Christian life should be filled with enjoyment, joy, happiness and some very normal things and it is also essential not to just keep everything between the four walls but to touch the communityand other places and to help lives and carry out the work of God.

A wide range of Bible study materials are available, making the word of God much easier to understand. The pastor makes Cd;s, DVD's and she also writes but also there are study Bible's, Bibles and a great range of study materials to support the Church for all ages. The aim is for the belivers to grow spiritually and to strengthen, to be unified and to stand together as well as to operate in the gifts of the Spirit.




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