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Christian Doctrine

Stage 1


Theology is the study of God or doctrine of God. Some of things that will be covered is the types of theology, there will be some Greek and a basic introduction to theology. There will also be a short introduction on the origins of the Bible to offer some background information as a foundation to the



Doctrine Of God

The attributes of God

The names of God and their meanings.

Arguments for the existence of God

Basic Greek words (A handful of essentials)

The basics of heresies

Course Contents

Course Name Christian Doctrine


Date: Monday May 1st, 8pm-9.30pm, 5 weeks


What is theology?


Doctrine of God


Aims of the course:


the aims of the course is to introduce to learners a basic foundation of knowledge of theology and for them to learn about the names and attributes of God and become much more familiar with who He is.




By the end of the course, learners should be able to:


Know what theology is

Identify with the origin of the Bible to a basic degree

Understand and describe attributes of God

Have knowledge of the names of God and their meanings

To identify the arguments for the existence of God

To have an understanding of the Godhead and the nature and existence of God

To have a very basic knowledge of some essential Greek words

To know what a heresy is and to be able to explain a few specific ones

Learner Resources









Things to bring


The learners need to provide themselves with the following items when attending lectures if this is applicable to you:


Ruler/highlighter/pencil case (optional)

Ring binding folder and plastic pocket files to hold the documents. Dividers can be useful in addition but is optional.

A mini stapler can be helpful (but not mandatory)

A note book

Bible (KJV & Good News are likely to be used but there are often scriptures used from a variation of different versions.




Requirements for the Aramaic is that you have done our Biblical Hebrew course.




Each of theses courses are currently on dicount at this time.



Special Offers On Biblical Courses


Theology is £195.00 each, while the Biblical Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic courses are discounted to 300.00 each. These prices are for courses based on Real Inspiration Ministries Training Institute certificates.


Usual prices for courses based on Real Inspiration Ministries Training Institute courses


Theology £350.00 but we have a special offer at 150.00 only for the course  soon, based on numbers for 5 weeks on the beginner course.


Biblical Hebrew/Greek £375.00 Each





Biblical Hebrew commences May1st for 5 weeks but further information will be updated when the course dates have been finalised.






Award Based Courses

Courses based on awards are charged at 500.00 except for when there are discounts.



Course durations

These courses are currently 5 weeks




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Other theology courses will be added.


Miltary warfare school


Covering spiritual warfare and everything needed to satnd and be a victorious believer in Christ and bold in the battle.

muhing neededtst be complete





Christian doctrine


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Biblical Hebrew stage 1 includes the

*Hebrew alphabet



Some Ancient Hebrew from scripture

(Square script)

Date to be confirmed





Biblical Greek includes


*The ancient Greek alhabet


*Some rules

*Some Greek words and meanings from *scripture

Date to be confirmed



Biblical Aramaic


*Aramaic letters


*Some Aramaic words from scripture

*Confirmation of the location of some of the Aramaic text in the Holy Bible


Date to be confirmed






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