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Click to download.. a christian guide/manual directly below are HIGHLY recommended for ALL adults as a priority.

Turkish Bible - New Testament Bible Stories also useful for adult learning Renewal Of The Mind Bible Study

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Endure-NEVER GIVE UP Healing Scriptures Bible - Albanian Translation Bible - Korean Translation Bible Italian Translation Br_Portuguese_Bible_90)_New_Testament Bulgarian_Bible_90)_New_Testament Deaf Translator_English_Bible_80)_Old_Testament Deaf Translators_English_Bible_90)_New_Testament Gujarati_Bible_90)_New_Testament Haitian Creole Haitian Creole-1 Hindi_Bible_90)_New_Testament Hungarian_Bible_90)_New_Testament Latin Vulgate Message Bible New Testament American Translation PDF Bible New International Version 1984 NIV VERSES STRENGTH[1] VERSES ON PEACE[1]

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BIBLE STUDY FORGIVENESS &SIN-God's Forgiveness BIBLE STUDY PERSEVERANCE-Profiles of Perseverance BIBLE STUDY GUIDED-Servanthood BIBLE STUDY FORGIVENESS &SIN-God's Forgiveness BIBLE STUDY GUIDED-Servanthood BIBLE STUDY PERSEVERANCE-Profiles of Perseverance sanctifiation & salvation

Various Bible Studies

Spiritual Weakness ml_18_lord_give_me_strength trials, tribulations, tempatations workbook 1 discipleship Biblical Name Dictionary Comm-Matthew Henry Concordance & Dictionary Dictionary Dictionary Miniture Eastons Bible Dictionary Strongs ntgh Strongs Hebrew Vines-Expositary-Dictionary-of-OT-and-NT-Words being_made_new-1 do_not_fear EmotionalMentalHealing eternal_judgement fasting guidelines 2013 laying_on_hands obedience-1 our_weakness prayer prosperity_of_the_wicked Free International Bibles & NIV 1984
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Believers Guide 1 workbook New believers manual 1 2019 UPDATE Believes Manual 2