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God is love and He has given us a commandment to love our neighbour as ourselves and if we do not love the we do not know God but if there are people that are irritating, bearing with them unless there is a a need to move on from them can be just what they need with a touch of  love..

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Endurance is essential for all believers. It is not that we wait but how we wait and we dhave not endured if we have caved in.


wWhen we are enduring we need to be in our joy or we are not doing much more thn dragginng through our trials and we can be defeated if we are only depressed when things are not going our way because circumstances are not meant to detrmine our wellbeing, as they change and we would be down on a regular basis and all the devil would have to do i is to distub things so that the situation changes and the believer would right where he wants them which is down so we must focus on God and not be governed by our circumstances..

see 1 Smuel 16 to 1 Kings chapter 2

patience is essential for all believers. It is not that we wait but our attitude and our frame of mind we wait and we dhave not endured if we have caved in.

David was annanoointed befroe he became king. Sometimes believers want things before the time but toeverything there is a season and we need to be patient without caving in while we arewaiting for the naswer to a prayer to manifes in the natural realm and in order to recieve it we need faith which is our spiritual currency.. When we are self-controlled and calm both internally and externally during the waith then we are being patient.

Just remember that you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. See Philippans 4:13. Encourage ourself in the Lord like David did and the Hebrew word actuall means to be streng

Peace is not possible without God and when we have things going on in our lives it is easy to lose peace so if our peace is not depending on our circumstances then we have much more chance of being stable but when we trust in God we need not lose our peace. See Psalm 29:11

Aer is like a consuming fire and it is bondage and it hurts people and especially the person who gets angry habitually but the good news is that it does not have to be permanent. It can be soul destroying but Christ can set us free if we cooperate. Anger is a lack of self control, pride and fear combined but it can be overcome in the name of Jesus.

God is good all of the time but there are times when some believers think that He has failed them but He never does. Often it is because the believer does not understand God and His laws and they will not change because of the way we feel about them so we must adjust of we wish to be victorious and we must study the word of God as if it is a priority.

God the Father sent His only begotten Son that we may have life and in more abundance an d that is real love so we should never doubt Him. See John 3:16


When we do not forgive we remain in bondage and we remain attached to those we do not forgive and it can hinder the answer to prayer so it is advised that we forgive and it does not depend on what the other party has done as it is a matter that is between us and God and it can cause the believer to become estranged from God and there is no chance of spiritual growth in that condition which is why the devil promotes it. Do not fall into his trap and if we have really forgiven we stop talking about it and f we had to see the individual by chance we could help them sincerely if they we in need. Not forgiving just means we have helped them and the devil rob us further so we would be shooting ourselves in the toe!

See the parable of the wheat’s and the tares. Not everyone that attends Church has anything to do with God but we are to continue to be faithful to him instead of letting the devil rip us out of where our destiny was. Peace cannot be experienced when we are out of the will of God so we must persevere no matter what. Matthew 13:24-

The things we say can have a serios impact on the thngs that come to pass in our lives even if we do not see the results straight away in some cases. There are times when people say things without thinking about them and it becomes a habit, leading to changes in their lives and often enough they are not usually for the better, but most people do not actually realise that they are sowing with their words. See Poverbs 18:21. My foot is killing me is a dangerous statment, just is "i am dead mea". We shiuld speak life over ourselves at all times and we should do the same for our situations and the situations of loved one's and the best way to do this is to speak God's tryth. In the book of Genesis, Jacob said that the person who stole His father-in-law's false God's should die without knowing that it was his wife and she did exactly that. The tongue is used by satan as a weapon. I have so much material available to equip believers in the word of God. Look on our Biblical materials page and start building up a library and there will ofen be more than is losted because i produce it so fast!

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding if you do not want to head for a ditch. A lot of the time what peole think sounds logical is often the opposit to what God has in mind but the good news is that when we become believers in Chirst, He gives us insight. Pray for an increase in wisdom, knowledge and understanding and always seek the Lord on all matters and look at what His word says about the matter because He has often answered a lot of questions so the combination works beautifuly and do not fear if you cannot understand or if you are struggling to hear from God, just search the scriptures and pray and ask Him to revela the answer to you and look to do things within His word that will enhance your peace. Gospel music, studying His word and listening to sermons are a few things that can really help. Fear and worry makes it much harder to hear.

Be courageos and strong as kind David was and even before He became king he was a man of God and he was filled with courage and when he went to fight Goliath he did not depend on human strength or armour but he spoke the word, he went forth in the power of the Lord and he wore the armour of the Lord and there for he did not fail.


When we become independant of God we fail and when we do things our way we are saying that we know better than God and it just takes longer, results do not come while we are outside of the will of God so the most sensible thing to do is of course to find ut what it is and the best place to start is in the Bible of course!


Learn who God is and the Psalms are good for this but there are so many great passages that teach us what we need to do and that help us to get t know God on a much deeper level.

The truth is something that many believers do not find it to tell when they are not in a situation that tests them but when challenged, most believers lie and that is a simple fac and a lot of the reason for lying is fear, habit and a lack of faith but fortunately we have the Holy Spirit that leads us into truth and without truth we are open to the devil so we should ask the Holy Spirit to help us to be honest and even though there is likely to be testing, it is essential for us to overcome this but this does not mean that it is just time thing,. We have to maintain it and understand that there are challenges in the same areas just as a cycl returns backk to the same point so each time we should  leaarn nd strengthen and be honest no matter how challenged we may be.

Some people ware rude and unplesant and will be till the day that they take their last breath but as believers in Chist we have to chose whether to please ourselves and them or God and if we wish to please God we must be humble but the Bible telles us that there are blessings in overlooking an offense and offenses are snares of the devil to cause the believer to sin..

God has prepared a place for you so no matter what you are going through, do not dispare for Christ is with you and He did not get crucified for us to live a life of depression, rension or stress.. Christ will return for His people and take us into a place of peace and there will be no ore crying or weaping.. Take some space from some of the things that agitate you where sensibly possible and just chill out with God..


Comfort yourself in the scriptures, put some gospel music on, pray, meditate on the word of God and put your foot in the foot spa and listen to some sermons, watch a sound Bible film on the sofa with the heaing on with soething soft to sip on and just relax in the Lord and let Him know how you are feeling and then look about what the scriptures tells you about your specific issues, pls about strenght, peace, patience, and endurance.

Money.. The waste and the love of it combined..


Neither are good at all so we shold insure that we use money for convenience and that we do not make it the cetre of our lives and that we seek first the kingdom and all those tings will be added to us and we should not worry about what we will wear or eat ..


God knows we have need and He will supply but there are financial laws and those who do not follow them chose to rob themselves of the blessings that comes with those laws and those who do follow those laws will be heavily challenged over a period of time while they are waiting for their seed to grow and in the meantime the devil will try to do anything he can to get the believer to dig up that seed and bin it..


Money is not evil.. It is ourattitude toward it and our attachment to it..

Soulfood Love Teaching PDF Download

Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of thins not seen. (Hebrews 11:1)


Faith is believing God without seeing, trusting that what He says that He will do is what He will do.


God has told us many things in His word and personally and He requires us to take His word for it no matter what things look like.


God is Spirit not flesh and He operates in the Spirit realm so therefore we need to communicate with Him spiritually and not according to the realm of the flesh. which includes the things that we see and the only way that we can learn how the spirit realm functions is by reading His wordd because that is the manual for finding such things out. We cannot work it out by logic or guessing because this is again of the flesh realm.


most people make arrangements to pay and do things when their wages are due because they have faith in an employer who's business could go bust at any time when they cannot actually see the money, so God is asking for very litte and without faith it is impossible to please God.

See Hebrews chapter 11

God knew you even before you were planetd in the womb of your nother and He made you beautifully no matter what anyone may say or think and you are His so nobobody has the right to critisize you or to judge you and even if they do, this does not make you who or what they say that you are. In fact it only matters what God says and thinks about you but hurting people often hurt people so they need prayer and deliverance but there are some who do not want to change so forgive them am and put them before God which will set you free and help them to stop hurting others, but continue confidently in Christ and know that He loves you and just because someone says something about you or calls you something that is unplesant it does not make you taht thing. The devil does these tings to weak believers and make them ineffective in the kingdom so we have to know who we are in Christ and walk in it.